2012 media blitz

“The Mayans did not try to warn people–they simply had a calender that ended on the year 2012, just as ours ends on December 31st. In fact, the Mayans have shown irritation and contempt for the way their culture has been portrayed.” –Ben Radford

Ben Radford, the literary expert on myths, frauds, and media exploitation, wrote a recent article in the Skeptical Inquirer, one of my favorite periodicals on science versus science fiction. The article was in part a review of the movie 2012 starring John Cusak, as well as his stance on 2012 and a video interview he conducted with the movie’s director.

here is the article for your discretion: http://www.csicop.org/si/show/2012_not_a_complete_disaster/

I, myself, saw 2012. Although I was impressed by the extensive CGI, must agree with Mr. Radford. The media has no doubt exploited the public’s fear over humanity’s survival, just as it exploites every aspect of society for its own purpose. I also don’t believe the Mayans had any ability to predict the future. They did not predict anything in their culture as a fortune telling type deal, but made scientific discoveries that turned out to be true. Furthermore, my dad put the question most eloquently: if the Mayans could predict our downfall in 2012, why could they not see the end of their own great civilization? hmm….questionable.

Being a metaphysical-type, I still have my own theories on the matter, some of which seem crazy and totally out-there. But nonetheless they’ll probably appear here sometime in the near future. I’m excited to announce at on 2012 I will be 21, which means even if the world ends, I can be too intoxicated to notice. Whoopie :]



  1. The world is really going to end in 2012.. I have found some strong reason i.e a planet called NIBIRU comes very closer to our earth and it will collapse us in 2012.. see the blog on vijaay.tk

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