Avatar and DMT-elves

“If the user has smoked enough [DMT], he will pass through the chrysanthemum phase and break through to the land of elves. The creatures encountered [under the influence of DMT] are often identified as alienlike or elflike.” –Clifford A Pickover in Sex, Drugs, Einstein, and Elves.

The drug Pickover is talking about is DMT, or Dimethyltryptamine, a hallucinagenic drug that is natural produced in small amounts in our bodies, which produce “dreams” when we are asleep. DMT also occurs naturally in tree bark, the poison glands of certain frogs, etc. Under the influence of DMT and in lucid dreaming, one often sees figures which, when described, look like alien-type creatures or elves.

In the movie Avatar, an amazing feat which used 330 million bucks and extensive CGI, marines go into a forced sleep where they dream into the world of the Navid, an elf-like aborigine race. This plotline seems to echo Pickover’s main point. When the marines sleep, DMT is naturally produced in order to create this dreamland, where they interact with an alien race.

The Navid obviously take alot of Elven culture. In particular, “night elves” (the dork in me is brought back to warcraft playing days).

“The night elves are a people who have dedicated their individual lives, as well as the very organization of their entire society, in the pursuit of the protection of the natural world.The night elves worship the Ancients, who are nature deities attuned to the forest and the hunt.Night elves rely on their magic and the benefits of the natural world around them to maintain their society. Their magic is druidic in nature and flows straight from the natural world. They use this magic and their affinity for nature to shape the trees and stone and make friends with the animals around them. The night elves are among the most deadly adversaries to be found anywhere, due to their proficient skill with a bow.”

I thought it was interesting; the similarity between the race in avatar, the night-elf race, and the DMT-elves. Overall, i thought the movie was fantastic. A must see.



  1. Honestly, the similarity between DMT accounts and the Avatar experience was the first thing that crossed my mind when watching the movie. Followed closely by wondering whether JC himself has ever crossed over into DMT space.

    • I definetly don’t think it was entirely original, especially given to the fact that the MC was asleep when in his avatar body and vice versa. Either way I’m glad I’m not the only one that caught that similarity.

    • I had the exact same thought

    • The main tree was called the “Tree of Souls” ayahuasca vine (banisteriopsis caapi, or the plant that allows dmt in another plant to become orally active when drunk as part of a brew) is known as the “Vine of Souls”. JC has unquestionably had ayahuasca and has most likely smoked DMT. The entire movie is an ayahuasca/dmt experience…it was truly beautiful and, I fear, too far ahead of its time to be recognized for what it was.

      • i disagree on one point. I think it IS being recognized for what it is; look at all of us who noticed the similarity. The world just isn’t ready to ACCEPT that psychedelic natural drugs could be used for good.

  2. B-films from the 80’s dealt in similar themes. The first one that comes to mind in “Dreamscape”…the title in the day, left people scratching their heads. These days, though, the theme is very much abundant in pop culture, etc. Humans taking conscious possession of their dream selves, to the end of communication on a ‘virtual plane’ of dreaming commonalty.

    • where it becomes science fiction is when they take “conscious” possession of their dream selves…in reality there is no conscious will dreaming, minus sleep paralysis but that is very rare. otherwise we have no control over possessing anything that we dream, the only way to do so is to physically take DMT while awake.

      • I’m not entirely certain I agree with you, but, in the end, as others have pointed out, the notion of lucid dreaming is one that has been with us {the species} for awhile. I could tell you stories about an ex-girlfriend of mine who from my primary education days who claimed some very odd things based upon a ‘dream world’ she believed in, almost religiously, I should add. I can say that I had had awoken to many very strange synchronicities, back in that day. I’ll spare you the details, for fear of being locked up in the loony bin, but, let it suffice to say that this happened long before the Internet was a household word, or even a household concept. The very advent of this strange creation we call the internet, has long led me to hold some oft-considered-strange ideas. Whether or not she was emulating an idea espoused by the film I mentioned, I have conjectured for a long time. Even if she were, internet as witness, media has a strange way of influencing us as a mass mind. I’m not entirely sold, either way that such a place hasn’t always been a possibility, even if a remote one to our current level of spiritual understanding. In any event, cheers!

      • I wouldn’t say it wasn’t possible, in fact what you described is probably. I’ve had my share of strange dreamland experience, including my belief in clarevoyancy through dreams, where I meet people in dreams I’ve never seen before, only to find them later in my real life. In fact, there is the theory that that is were deja vu has come from, it feels like you remember the moment, because it may have occured in your dream but you’ve forgotten it due to the normal body amnesia after awakening.

  3. dreamselves/dreams elves?

  4. Hi, neat post. I like you blog, I even bookmarked it.

    I would just like to point out though, that to my knowledge there is no evidence that DMT is produced during sleep, or increases during any known activity. Such a study has never been produced. A few people have hypothesized such but no solid proof one way or the other has ever been produced.

    Also, responding to theinkedintellectual about conscious dreaming: It is possible and you don’t need DMT. It’s called Lucid Dreaming, check it out. 😉

    • it’s true, its a theory I guess. For some reason I believed it to be fact. but read the book DMT: the spirit molecule by rick strassman, who came up the theory that DMT is produced in sleep and near-death experiences, which accounts for the “hallucinations” we see in both. DMT IS proven to be endogenously produced in most mammal’s brains, but whether it is directly linked to dreaming hasnt been proven.

      I completely forgot about lucid dreaming, thank you for reminding me :]

      • Hello again inked. A lot of people took for fact Strassman’s theory from his book.

        The body produces a lot of ‘psychoactive’ chemicals in varying amounts (many of which are still being discovered), but it does not necessarily mean that such chemicals are ever usually produced in large enough amounts to be responsible for such signifigant effects as dreaming or OBE’s/NDE’s.

        For instance, the body produces small amounts endogenous morphine and GHB, but are thought to act more as micro-messengers or neurotransmitters, not so much to kill pain (morphine) or such.

        The endogenous PCP-ligand alpha-endopsychosin is probably a more likely candidate for NDE/OBE’s than DMT is (imo). Strassman himself has published an article on such (1).

        Scientists and researchers still have a lot to learn and discover, which is what makes the world interesting to thinking minds like us.

        1. Strassman RJ. Endogenous ketamine-like compounds and the NDE: If so, so what? Journal of Near-Death Studies 16:27-42, 1997

        2. The Big and Dandy Endogenous Psychedelics Thread

      • Thank you for those websites; especially the thread, I bookmarked that vbulliten website for future use.
        Someone mentioned in the thread the point–because DMT is illegal to use, important research is lacking to connect the theory with the fact, so we’re all in the dark here.

  5. The Eternal Tree

    So many synchs with this movie I cannot convey


    Let go of the veil of interpretation given You by those that never knew me,,, for they never knew the true intentions of the heart.

    • the tree they modeled after Yggdrasil, the norfolk/viking take on an eternal tree from which all life flows.

  6. The denizens of Pandora are the Na’vi not the Navid.

  7. I’m quite shocked that you refer to the Na’vi as elf like aborigini type people.
    When i first watched the film.. the thing that struck me so much was the link to Africa.

    The Na’vi have black features. Big lips, eyes and their hair was braided or they had dreadlocks. In the film it actually says. “you can tell the hybrids (humans) apart from the real Na’vis.. as the hybrids had straight hair.”

    Now linkin this with what your saying about the dream state.. its really interesting.

    Africans today (in some parts) Still live a spiritual life.. extremely similar to that of the na’vi. Not only this.. Africa has been invaded and destroyed due to it’s riches. (Diamonds etc..

    And us in the western world are living in a “dying world” Just as the Na’vi said.
    We’re living in a world, that worships money and power.. and we are becoming dangerously disconnected from the spiritual world.

    I definately think that DMT should not be an illegal drug.. we are at a time where these things are NEEDED. It’s also the same with Cannabis, “Gift from the Gods”
    Alcohol is perfectly legal.. despite the amount of deaths, and crime it causes,
    Yet i’ve never heard of ANYONE die off Cannibis.. or come to any harm. Not even when smoking skunk (Which is Cannibis not in its natural state.)
    It’s clearly illegal for the same reason as DMT. It lets us open our mind and sets us free,

    Dear me .. what is the world coming to?

    • It has alot to do with the fact that most things came from Africa. My own belief is that Africa is where species originated. I do see the similarities between those of African descent and those of the Na’vi, but their way of life, them being exploited, and certain features like braids and feathers and decorations remind me more of Native American culture. I’m shocked that not more people recognized the similarities between Avatar and Dances with Wolves.

      As for DMT being illegal…it’s quite ridiculous. Even stupider is the fact that many prescription drugs are pumped out by the pharmecutical companies that have dangerous side affects and are encouraged, while cannabis is naturally a healer and does no harm whatsoever and yet is illegal.

  8. Considering all the views here, iwould say that as an elf, i feel like kith nad kin to the Na’vi, irrespective of how near or far their planet may be, even if it is immaginary haha

  9. I was on acid when I watched the movie, it really touched me! Also the underlying message that slowly nature is disappearing due to humans wanting to build and make money out of it.

  10. I believe the term “elves” came from Mckenna’s calling them “self-transforming machine elves” which is a much more complete description. Trust me they bare no similiarities with what comes to mind when we think “elf”. Only in the way that they are mysterious and mystical in nature and probably most of all their senses og humor.

    Think less “avatar” and more “H.R. Geiger” meets “Alex Grey” biomechanical insectoid with no definite shape from one moment to the next, increase weirdness factor to 10.

    theres not a movie , memory , writing or any other media on this earth that can do dmt justice.

  11. I am living proof dmt is produced in the brain. I suffer from sleep paralysis and during sleep paralysis your mind is wide awake in this reality while also perceiving what dmt users call hyperspace! You can see through your eyes while dreaming at the same time while your body is frozen, infact your eyes are basicly the only thing you can move. But the experience is exactly the same as a dmt high if your trained well enough. Most people report extreme fear and evil entities attacking them. But thats only because the paralysis part has triggered anxiety and fear, I mean you cant even feel your self breathe. The way I experience sleep paralysis is an extreme sense of pleasure surrounded by bright lights, vibrations, white energy, strange alien like insects, and stick thin entities that fly around my bedroom. When I smoke dmt the exact same thing happens except im usually in the bush and I hallucinate new trees and plants along with those creepy insects.

    So! If I smoke dmt and the same thing happens to me when I lucid dream or have sleep paralysis it must be produced in us some how.

    Lucid dreams also feel exactly like a dmt high to and lucid dreams produce a 100% reality change like when you reach hyperspace in dmt use or an OBE achieved during sleep paralysis.

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