changes for the new decade…

This is the first day of becoming a vegetarian! I’m pretty excited. I’m doing it because I believe it’s a healthier lifestyle but here are some reasons why people often lose the meat. Maybe one or more of them will convince you to do the same.

  1. Meat is very fatty, and that fat could lead to heart problems and possibly cancer.
  2. This is the 21st century, we don’t need to kill an animal to survive. Now, eating meat is just an excess.
  3. Packaged and processes meats are unclean and can account for alot of food poisoning
  4. the protein from meat can be taken from veggies and suppliments and in greater quanities, because energy is lost as it moves up the food chain; making one who eats veggies healthier than one who eats one who eats veggies.
  5. animals in most farms are pumped with hormones, which are then digested by me and you. it’s unnatural and can be linked to diseases and illnesses.
  6. vegetarians typically have lower cholesteral, live longer, have a healthy body weight, and a healthy blood pressure
  7. farm animals are treated with antibiotics which then are digested by us when we eat them. This is very unhealthy.
  8. the excess iron in meat is linked to diabetes, liver problems, heart disease, cancer, and infertility.
  9. meat contains rarely any fiber needed in a healthy diet
  10. women who eat red meat are two and a half times more likely to get cancer

Here are some famous people who chose vegetarian diets: pythagoras, socrates, de Vinci, einstein, GB shaw, etc.

Here are a few vegetarian recipes that I chose for the next week, I hope they prove useful: vegetarian chili, sweet potatoe salad, marinated tofu, asian-style pasta, past primavera, cheese pizza, corn chowder, and fettucinne alfredo.

all available recipes from :


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