local music

My favorite type of music is local, bands that came from where I live and that play shows in their home area often. I sometimes go to small shows in the collegetown and such and listen to some bands. Here are some of my new discoveries:

Black Carl–

here they are at sxsw:

Black Carl is an awesome band with a soulful lead singer filled with charisma and talent. The two albums I own are: Borrowed (my favorite), and their EP album Black Carl. Borrowed is an awesome album filled with throbbing jazzy songs, my favorite being the Wolf, and also Hussie. The wolf comes with an awesome music video that was recorded by another local band that I’m putting up here next.

sample their music on their myspace: www.myspace.com/iamblackcarl

Captain Squeegee–

Captain Squeegee is a kick-ass ska band with awesome vocals, brass, guitar, and drums. They are goofy but full of talent. They were originally Captain Squeegee and the Soapsuds, and I own that album: which one of the members remarked on the album saying that it was like the awkward stage of adolescence. I also own their more refined album (when they grew up, I’m guessing) which is called Nothing Versus Everything. My all-time favorite songs of their include Gimme a Break and Real Father.

checkout their shtuff here: http://www.myspace.com/captainsqueegee

More from local bands later…



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