feminism gives a hand to all…

“the initial work on domestic violence and abuse of children grew out of the feminist movement. Services for victims were organized outside of the traditional mental health system, often with the assistance of professional women inspired by the movement.” –Judith Herman, in Trauma and Recovery

another example of how the feminist movement positively impacts not only the rights and power of women but also of children, minorities, and other oppressed niches of society. Under the hand of oppression, we learn a compassion that those un-oppressed cannot feel, and that brings us to help other people of the same predicament.

On the topic of feminism, I am started my Suicide Girl application within the next two weeks, hopefully shooting my set before New Years. The Suicide Girls are perfect examples of modern feminists; women who feel empowered by breaking the general consesus of beauty and finding beauty by being their true selves, as well as being comfortable in their own skin no matter what “flaws” normal modeling agencies would reject. Who says we have to conform to picture perfect airbrushed versions of Vogue models? I think we’re beautiful in our most natural form.

wish me luck on my application :]