Cannibalism throughout the world

Yum…human flesh. Ack. Well, cannibalism is not so uncommon. Either for reason of survival or even for a sick taste in meats, humans have eaten humans throughout history. From tribes of indeginous peoples who eat humans out of some instinctual drive or tradition, to murderers who are psychologically mixed up in the head, here are some of my favorite example of cannibalism in three different countries.

1. The Donner Party. If you’ve never heard of the Donner Party, they’re a group of travelors in the late 1840’s who went west in the winter and became snowbound. The group consisted of about thirty-three people traveling from Missouri to California. They decided half-way through to take a shortcut (which is never a smart idea), and got blocked by a massive snowstorm. After they ran out of food, a few members died and were cannibalized for food.

click here to read the diary of one of the members on the trip:

2. The Soviet Union. In the early 20’s, a famine swept across the soviet union that left millions of people starving.

The Soviet government’s refusal to acknowledge, or attend to, the famine that swept much of the Soviet Union during the early 1920s led to widespread cannibalism. –Kerry Kubilius
affected by the civil war and droughts, people ate animals they could find until that was gone–then resorted to eating each other. Think about it, would you rather eat another human being or would you rather DIE?
The cannibalism that occured in Russia was detailed more clearly in David Benioff’s book, City of Theives.
3. Issei Sagawa. This is the most infuriating story I’ve ever heard. This man killed and ate a woman he was in love with–a french student–because he’d always wanted to try it. He was caught trying to dump the rest of her body and put on trial, where he was going to be sentenced to a hefty number of years–when his father, a rich Japanese businessman, stepped in and pulled some strings. Next thing you know this sick man is in a mental institute in Japan, where, once again, his father pulls some more strings and he gets released. So he’s a free killer just wandering the streets of Japan, but that’s not the worst part. The worst part, is now he’s a minor celebrity, oh yes! He has been on COOKING SHOWS and stars of different Japanese TV shows. COOKING SHOWS?! This man ate a HUMAN BEING so they’re putting him on a cooking show…yummy teach me how to eat fresh cooked french HUMAN! Disgusting.