weekend’s haul

this was the other lacy item I got this weekend. Me and the man went to buffalo exchange and I’ve recently been into both lacy stuff and also drapey, bat-winged things. This is a shirt that has lace in the back and shoulder but is primarily white, and has batwings and draped like a dress almost. $10

I bought a prom dress, kind of early but the sale at dillards was amazing, so this dress ended up being only 30$. It’s a cute strapless heart neckline with black and blue plad and very cute ruffling at the bottom.

Dillards was having a huge sale so I went and picked up a few things. The first was this lacy white cardigan. The lace filled the entire back while the front was a drapey kind of soft fabric. Lately, I’ve been a sucker for lace, as you will see in one of my other items. this was 10$

These boots, I bought at an army show. I was so happy to find a pair that actually fit me, and were relatively cheap (20$) for brand new leather boots. I’ve always been a fan of military inspired clothing.

I also picked up from the army place, a cool green wool jacket from the korean war and I plan on sewing military patches on it. It was only 5$!

Lastly, I went to walgreen to get some beauty items, and got some Sally Hansen nailpolish which is my favorite and on sale for two bucks a bottle. My favorite thing recently is mixing colors to get new, weird ones. Then I got some Almay mascara, which was cheaper than my usual kind and actaully works alot better, for $7.

So, thats what I did this weekend, and next weekend I’ll put up a haul because I plan on going shopping at fashion with some friends and im getting a v-day outfit.

One really interesting thing I found today was the youtube’s interview with President Obama. I’m a big fan of Obama because I think he’s a great oral speaker and that he’s one of few presidents who actually has good intentions and isn’t out to screw us over. Heres the video:



whats in the bag?

what you carry with you shows alot about who you are. many people do this, they list what they carry in their purse and it reveals whats important to them. so here  I go:

I carry a liz claiborne brown leather bag:

  1. my passport. This shows how remarkably lazy I am because I have yet to get my permit or liscence so this is the only photo ID i have. Its in a cute floral case that i got for xmas.
  2. my black leather wallet with my food handlers card, and never enough money. im in culinary so its required to be liscenced, and i love this wallet because ive always been a fan of men’s accessories.
  3. my grey zippy bag that has my chapstick and pencil/pens. im always writing little notes down, since I AM a writer, and i thrifted this little bag, its adorable.
  4. my black blackberry-looking samsung phone, which ive dropped way too many times. its a miracle it still works.
  5. my silver 120 gig ipod which i adore. its currently like sixty gigs full of every artist and genre you could imagine and its useful when im bored, in the mood for a certain song, or getting tats done.
  6. my vintage pink floyd dark side of the moon silver cigarette case and a teal lighter. Im always losing my lighter to the color changes all the time. i bought this case on etsy.com my favorite ebay-type website for all sorts of random stuff.
  7. my heart of darkness book by joseph conrad, an interesting book im reading for literature about the congo and the excessive greed of the aryan race.
  8. a water bottle; i have a new resolution to drink lots of aqua.
  9. a bottle of motrin for when my little friend pays me a visit or for when the headache god smites me.
  10. My red franco sarto glasses which I ADORE. have I ever mentioned that he’s my favorite shoes/eyewear designer? pure italian genius
  11. my pretty eyeglasses, which I rarely wear because they make me look nerdy as can be, but which helps me in not being blind
  12. pure passion vanilla body spray which helps when the car smells funny or when i smell like certain undesirable habits

oh, exciting news of the day: I GOT ACCEPTED TO ASU. I mean yeah, who doesnt right? unless your an imbecile. but im still excited because for a while I thought I was. :p

oh, and I found a heart breaking little peice from NBC nightly news about the rescues going on in haiti. I didn’t really get into the issue until I saw this, but now I feel very sad for these people and will try to write more about it when I have time.