meaning of mandala

This week I’m focusing on my first Febraury art project: a mandala. That got me interested in mandalas; what are they? where do they originate from? what do they look like?

The word mandala means completion in Tibetan. It appears in the Rig Veda, an Indian collection of hymns. Sandpainting is a type of mandala artwork in certain sects of Buddhism. They are spiritual teaching tools, and a sacred space.

to access progressively deeper levels of the unconscious, ultimately assisting the meditator to experience a mystical sense of oneness with the ultimate unity from which the cosmos in all its manifold forms arises                   

–David Fontana

Mandalas are geometric patterns that represent the cosmos, or a harmonious system.

Here are my favorite examples:

(celtic Buddhism)

(the pink lotus mandala)

(cosmic wholeness)


my art project will be posted next week :]