spotlight artist for dec. 25th

Travis Louie is an extraordinary and unique artist who deals with realism and mythology all at once. Using acrylic washes on smooth boards, he creates Victorian-style potraits of interesting characters. Similar to Vaudeville carnival type freak-show creatures, Louie creates intriguing images of men with one or multiple eyes, and creatures which resemble monkeys with deformities. His brushstroke is so brilliant and accurate, that they produce the feel of photographs, eerie but strangely beautiful.

He’s been in many highly renowned art magazines, including my all-time favorite, Juxtapoz, and also High Fructose. He’s also held galleries in many states, include Arizona–at the Perihelion Arts Gallery in Phoenix.

I like his work because they produce an authentic feel to characters he created in his mind, a very tough thing to do. Bravo, Mr. Louie, bravo.