Ross haul for last weekend

last weekend I went to Ross and got two pairs of shoes; flats because the zipper on one of mine broke and I had to get rid of them, and red heels for V-day. I also ended up finding a cute black minidress at a nearby store. And lastly, I ordered a shirt online from a company I love. So here we have the tiny haul I did:

This is a miley cyrus brand dress. I know what you’re thinking, but if it’s cute I’ll wear it I dont really care who made it. I love this dress because it has a cinching waist band and cute ruffles on the bottom. And it was on sale for seven bucks! A closer look at the ruffles:

I couldnt believe I found these at ross! they’re steve madden oxfords, and Ive been looking for a pair of classic leather oxfords for weeks, but they’re always expensive. These were only 17 bucks(:

heres a closer look at the stiching and the general style of most classic oxfords:

these amazing red heels were fifteen bucks, and I got them for v-day cause I have a cute white and black dress picked out and i wanted red heels to go along as a pop of color. These are suprisingly comfortable and manage to make me look like model-tall even though Im 5’3. i like the soft leather quality too, plus i dont own any other red shoes.

lastly, this is the cute design of the t-shirt i bought online. a graduate from my school started his own clothing line, and I already own a shirt and a sweatshirt from the company. The name of the brand is Arkaik, and you can check out all of his cool stuff here:


weekend’s haul

this was the other lacy item I got this weekend. Me and the man went to buffalo exchange and I’ve recently been into both lacy stuff and also drapey, bat-winged things. This is a shirt that has lace in the back and shoulder but is primarily white, and has batwings and draped like a dress almost. $10

I bought a prom dress, kind of early but the sale at dillards was amazing, so this dress ended up being only 30$. It’s a cute strapless heart neckline with black and blue plad and very cute ruffling at the bottom.

Dillards was having a huge sale so I went and picked up a few things. The first was this lacy white cardigan. The lace filled the entire back while the front was a drapey kind of soft fabric. Lately, I’ve been a sucker for lace, as you will see in one of my other items. this was 10$

These boots, I bought at an army show. I was so happy to find a pair that actually fit me, and were relatively cheap (20$) for brand new leather boots. I’ve always been a fan of military inspired clothing.

I also picked up from the army place, a cool green wool jacket from the korean war and I plan on sewing military patches on it. It was only 5$!

Lastly, I went to walgreen to get some beauty items, and got some Sally Hansen nailpolish which is my favorite and on sale for two bucks a bottle. My favorite thing recently is mixing colors to get new, weird ones. Then I got some Almay mascara, which was cheaper than my usual kind and actaully works alot better, for $7.

So, thats what I did this weekend, and next weekend I’ll put up a haul because I plan on going shopping at fashion with some friends and im getting a v-day outfit.

One really interesting thing I found today was the youtube’s interview with President Obama. I’m a big fan of Obama because I think he’s a great oral speaker and that he’s one of few presidents who actually has good intentions and isn’t out to screw us over. Heres the video: