Ross haul for last weekend

last weekend I went to Ross and got two pairs of shoes; flats because the zipper on one of mine broke and I had to get rid of them, and red heels for V-day. I also ended up finding a cute black minidress at a nearby store. And lastly, I ordered a shirt online from a company I love. So here we have the tiny haul I did:

This is a miley cyrus brand dress. I know what you’re thinking, but if it’s cute I’ll wear it I dont really care who made it. I love this dress because it has a cinching waist band and cute ruffles on the bottom. And it was on sale for seven bucks! A closer look at the ruffles:

I couldnt believe I found these at ross! they’re steve madden oxfords, and Ive been looking for a pair of classic leather oxfords for weeks, but they’re always expensive. These were only 17 bucks(:

heres a closer look at the stiching and the general style of most classic oxfords:

these amazing red heels were fifteen bucks, and I got them for v-day cause I have a cute white and black dress picked out and i wanted red heels to go along as a pop of color. These are suprisingly comfortable and manage to make me look like model-tall even though Im 5’3. i like the soft leather quality too, plus i dont own any other red shoes.

lastly, this is the cute design of the t-shirt i bought online. a graduate from my school started his own clothing line, and I already own a shirt and a sweatshirt from the company. The name of the brand is Arkaik, and you can check out all of his cool stuff here:


fashion is an aphrodesiac…

one of my favorite hobbies is fashion; shopping, putting together outfits, critiquing fashion trends, etc. My ultimate favorite stores include H&M, Mango, Zara, Anthropologie, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Bebe, Gap, and the Black and White store. However, in light of recent events..that is, H&M has been discovered to have dumped hundreds of good quality clothes in their dumpsters rather than handing down the line or giving it away to the thousands of starving and unclothed people in the middle of winter…i have thus crossed them off the list.

Nevertheless, there are some essential peices of clothings and trends that have caught my eye for my winter 2009-2010 collective.

  1. the leather jacket. always in style, the leather jacket comes in white leather, brown leather, and black leather. I currently have a wonderful white leather jacket from H&M that retailed for about fifty bucks.

this is an awesome weathered leather jacket from

2. cardigans. This is a classic, as well. Whether solid color or floral print, these are the best long-sleeve choice you could make.

here, she is wearing a wonderful yellow cardigan from target.

3. overlarge knit sweaters. I love these. Throw this on with a pair of leggings and your set.

here, this girl is wearing an overlarge blue sweater from storets.

4. huge scarves. Scarves have always been popular in wintertime, but now we’re looking at scarves that eat your chest. Or look like it anyways.

This girl is wearing a huge wrap-around scarf. doesn’t she look comfy and warm? it’s from topshop.

5. Boots. This years favorite kinds of boots include: vintage cowboy boots, kneelength, boots with leg warmers, and biker/army boots. Uggs are out, people. They are ugly as futch and make you look like a ugly eskimo.

this fashionista is wearing leather knee-length black boots. I love em, and they’re from Zara.

well, those are my top five trends for this winter. Came a little late, but I watch people make the trends first, not the stores. enjoy !