artist and writer of the week…

my favorite kind of artwork is the provacative kind; the one that provokes an emotion out of the viewer, whether it is disgust or awe. Erwin Olaf‘s work does both at the same time. He is an exceptional photographer whose work can be considered controversial and thought-invoking, statements about society or people intrinsically.

Olaf works in Amsterdam in an altered church hall (scandalous!). He mixes photojournalism with artsy photography. He “explores issues of gender, sensuality, humor, despair, and grace in each sucessive series.” All of his work is symbolic and he often does wonderful nudes.


this polish author, Joseph Conrad, who learned the language English when he was twenty-one, is one of the most prolific writers of his generation. Most of his literature are involving the sea or being on board. His style is modern romantic, and my favorite book of his is Heart of Darkness.

His homelife was very interesting. His family was very poor and his father was exiled to a small city north of Moscow for organizing an uprising. Conrad was an orphan by the age of eleven.


artist of week Jan4-Jan10

Jaroslaw Kukowski is one of the best surrealist painters of our time. His art is of seemingly age-old frescos although he lives and paints still, today. He enjoy painting of nudes, and extraterestrial-like creatures. He paints on many social issues in a way that shocks people and starts controversies.

(Frescos are paintings using plaster, generally on wall or ceilings.)

The polish painter–

 “analyzes the world and life with a psychological background.  He paints the grotesque and mockery of the imperfections in life….[and of] danger and threat. Death, conflagration, disaster are frequent elements of his artistic reality. There are symbolic elements in his work, which can trigger contradictory reactions of the audience.” –Maria Dziopak

“Kukowski’s works are described as examples of surrealism or photosurrealism. He uses techniques of drawing and oil painting. His characteristic painting effect is “trompe l’oeil” – an illusion of three-dimensionality experienced by viewers. The artist is famous for his untypical process of documenting his painting activities by recording them in the form of animation. Kukowski explores moral and social themes relating to death and elapsing time in his works. They are also a detailed study of human nature and their objective is to move the spectator deeply.”–Joanna Kalinowska

Kukowski has held great exhibitions throughout Poland-Warsaw and Cracow especially, as well as NYC, Miami, Denmark, Berlin, and Canada.

To see more of his artwork, visit this webpage:

Surrealism is one of my favorite art genres. It began in the 20’s, using elements of suprise and juxtapositions, and developed through and after the Dada movement. Salvador Dali is one of the most famous surrealist painters, and one of my all-time favorites.